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Every 4 weeks, Wednesday, 20:00-21:00

Influenced by the vibrant music scene of Brighton, along with the house, garage and disco records his parents played at home, Duala's musical inclinations started early. With his keen interest in the soulful side of the spectrum, he began producing hip-hop beats inspired by the likes of DJ Premier and J Dilla in his early teens.

Since his time at University in Portsmouth he has found a natural evolution in electronic music, infused with his love for syncopated rhythms and a soulful energy that is evident in the house and UKG that he selects.

A resident at Concrete, Duala is also a keen producer whose tracks have received support from big industry names such as Jossy Mitsu and Interplanetary Criminal.

If you lock into Duala's show, expect a high-energy selection of house and garage tracks, brand new and from the archives too.

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