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It’s been a mad year.

Crazy to think it’s been 12 months of broadcasting to you - that’s around 2,340 hours of shows, all from local talent. However much you’ve listened over the last year we want to thank you for being here and supporting us. We’ve been so lucky with the support we’ve received so far, so big love to all of you <3

We’ve had some incredible residents throughout our first year who’ve truly embodied the ethos we set out with - pushing a sound that’s new, alternative or rare, and setting a precedent for a more democratic future for Portsmouth’s music scene. We’ve got some very exciting new residents and guest mixes coming up in the next few months, so keep an eye out 👀

If you’re a DJ, radio personality, or simply have a great idea for a show, why not get involved and submit a show proposal?

We held our first big event with the Fundraver at Staggeringly Good which was the most fun we’ve had in ages, and helped us raise some much needed money. Everything so far has been self-funded, and as a not-for-profit company all money raised goes directly back into the running of the station. Events like this will help us to provide the platform that Pompey deserves.

This year, we’re hoping for more events, more opportunities to dance, more community projects, great music and great people. Now one year in to Unmade we want to push even further.

We’ll keep you updated when new things come. For the meantime, have you downloaded our apps? They make it much easier to listen to us wherever you are.

Keep listening, keep sharing, keep telling people about us - it really makes a big difference for us.

Unmade Radio

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